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Day 3 was met with much calmer conditions, perhaps at times a bit too calm at times as the day played out but 3 races were scored and it was a very consistent – 4,6,2 on the scorecard for the Team ARGO. The first race of the day was probably the best for us as we had a bit of a rough start, had to clear out and take some transoms which put us heading toward the wrong side of the course. We managed to get around W1 in 20th place but had great downwind modes, which set us up for a solid second beat. The only time the right paid all day and we were there all alone with our comrades on the Synergy GT, passing boats. Ended up with a 4th, which indeed fired us up.
Race 3 was tricky as the breeze was starting to get a bit spotty, we managed it pretty well except for a small roll of the dice at the top 3rd of the 2nd windward leg which cost a few boats, but all in all good modes, great speed and crew work set us up with another keeper on the score card.
Race 4 breeze fading even more as predicted and Hard Time decided to give us a 6-leg race. Seemed a bit of a gamble to me especially with the wind dropping drastically. We finally had a great start and sailed the beat we wanted, got left, sent our closest competition back into the pack and rounded in the top group, sailed solidly after that and wound up with our best overall race a 2nd.
Lots of sailing to go yet with 6 more races scheduled but we are sitting in a pretty good spot. I just got today’s forecast and it looks even lighter than expected, we will have to see what is in store.

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