Porto Rotondo – Breeze On

Seen a bit of all conditions since we arrived, but mostly its been blowing the G-nome outta the garden. Its been seriously ripping here. So much that not only have we not been sailing much but the Audi hospitality tent almost took out our main trimmer- Anthony “Top Shelf” Kotoun full on Wile.E.Coyote style. He was walking from the trailer to the cafe at regatta HQ yesterday when the Audi tent lifted up 15 feet in the air and was slammed down like a Darryl Dawkins Backboard breaking dunk. Mangled and ripped the tent lay on the ground all but 5 feet away from Anthony. Guessing 5 seconds sooner and he would have been all up in the carnage. timing is everything.

2 days into the event and we have yet to leave the harbor. Hopefully tomorrow brings significantly less that the 70 knots we have seen so far over the past 2 days and we are able to get on with this.


Here is a video from our last day at training/pre-worlds. Right at the start of the Mistral.


ARGO sending it in 28 knots

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