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Porto Rotondo – Breeze On
Seen a bit of all conditions since we arrived, but mostly its been blowing the G-nome outta the garden. Its been seriously ripping here. So much that not only have we not been sailing much but the Audi hospitality tent almost took out our main trimmer- Anthony “Top Shelf” Kotoun...
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2 Man Tank Commanders
Audi Event #3 Portoferraio has officially begun although by the looks of the forecast we might be waiting to actually get racing. Light freaky winds are all we have seen for the 3 days of training, and unfortunately it looks like that’s the trend here. It has been awhile since...
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Out of the Gates
Many of our recent events have started out quite rough for us and it has forced us to work that much harder to dig out of the hole we have created for ourselves. We added it to the work list and set out today to buck that trend. The forecast...
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photo credit : Sara Proctor – 1 Big Day Down 2 To Go Day 1 was big and Gnar Gnar. Building breeze and building sea state kept the fleet on point. No time to rest in conditions like this. We started off on a good position on course left...
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3 B-I-G Days Ahead of us
2012 Melges 32 Gold Cup Ft. Lauderdale is the scene yet again for the final regatta of the 2012 season. Some new faces on the rail and a return of an old face….er…I mean familiar face will offer up some new challenges but the past 3 days have been very...
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