Miami Winter Regatta

2014 Melges 32 Miami Winter Regatta

Team ARGO started out the 2014 season last weekend by attending the Miami Winter Regatta. We had some new faces and new positions this time around.  Eric had left the team after the Dust Bowl so Mike Kuschner stepped in for him. However, due to injury  I decided it would be best to sit this one out. That left a need for one more replacement and Flipper Wehrheim fresh off the Groovederci program made the trip to fill in for me. I joke about that being job security but truth is we were happy to have Flipper and his unfiltered sense of humor in my spot. We also had Rod Davis coaching us from the newly murdered out all black Protector.

Day 1- A reoccurring theme with the ARGO that we have been working on is getting out of the gates a bit better. Although, we passed about a hundred boats the scorecard showed a 6,3,7 with an OCS in race 3. Apparently we still need to work on the whole getting out of the gates thing but we were in second place overall and well within striking distance. No need to trip out. Robertissima was host to the post race festivities at Monty’s and I’m pretty sure everyone had a massive one.

Day 2 – It was much better for the team. Although we had another OCS, we ended the day with all bullets. We sailed extremely well and always kept the pedal down to claim the day. We were now within a point of first, and we were the host to the Saturday night party at the Delano. In case any of you other teams out there haven’t noticed…you host a party you win the day! It’s that simple.

Day 3 – One point behind Robertissima, we have been here before and we had good results, we weren’t phased, we were on point and ready. With the Robertissima getting called OCS things were looking good. But those guys are fast and once again sailed right through the fleet to get to us…and eventually right by us on the run when we found some lighter breeze. So here now is the roadmap to victory. ARGO needs to win the race and Robertissima needs to finish 4th or worse. We started by them and we both went left. We rounded in first while they rounded in 4th. They quickly sailed into second place but there wasn’t anyone really close enough to challenge them, it appeared that it was going to be a 2 boat race and we would not get the points against them that we needed to claim the regatta victory. The breeze lightened up and got pretty shifty. Now we had the boats in between us, we just needed them to stay there as we were comfortably out in front. That was until the final 200 yards when Ngoni and Red who had sailed a great run on the right side of the course both passed us to steal the bullet… and our chance at regatta win.

Overall, it was a great way to start the 2014 season with a podium spot. I am stoked to have watched my last ARGO race for awhile from the coach boat, as I will be 100 percent by the next go around later this month. I look forward to getting back on the boat with my team and all of us sitting in our normal spots again. Congrats to Roberto and his team on a well-sailed regatta, we will see you again soon Miami.

Petey out

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