Hard Time

Day 2 of the Melges 32 World Championship was again a day of watching the mistral firing. PRO Hank Stuart saw an opportunity in the AM to send us out to get a race off before it really started to smoke. The 26 teams eagerly left the harbor to get sailing again, keeping sailors onshore at a regatta is a bad idea, we all need the water and the action, that’s why we do what we do. Everyone was getting a bit punchy sitting around for days on end.

The race was started in the 18-25 range and it quickly began to build, the Bombarda team started directly to windward of us and were able to take advantage of some early speed and tack back to port in a big lefty. We took a few waves at about that same time and lost a little ground on the others on our hip and were forced to wait for an opportunity to get back. Bombarda rounded in first with a pretty sizable lead. I think we managed to get around in about 6th ready for a big downwind. The breeze was piping in bigger and bigger with every puff. We had a good downwind and took the left gate right behind Inga. We had some lane issues in the middle of the beat but really dialed in on the top 3rd of the beat and were able to still round in the top 5. Ripping rides on the downwind. Bombarda had a tack line blow out just before the finish and Inga was able to rip by and take the win. Followed by Bombarda, Brontolo, Stig. We held on to 5th and the Groovederci finished in 6th. The breeze really started to build and Hank sent us in for what was a very long on shore postponement.

After staying out “at sea” Hank saw another opportunity and dropped the AP and brought us out for what was to be race 2. On the way out we were seeing 18’s and 19’s on the instruments. But buy the time we got down to the start area the fan was on full blast mode again hitting numbers in the 30 -32 knot range. Hank had no choice but to abandon for the day before things started to break-break. With a very favorable 10-15 predicted for friday we will get deeper into this championship.

3 races scheduled

full results here


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