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1 Big Day Down 2 To Go

Day 1 was big and Gnar Gnar. Building breeze and building sea state kept the fleet on point. No time to rest in conditions like this. We started off on a good position on course left looking real good till a late right shift mixed things up a bit. We were fortunate enough to slide into the 7 spot at the first windward rounding, we had a great set and we were off…sending it down the breeze, surfing the 6-10 foot rollers. Passed a few and rounded the left gate in 4th. Fought hard on the right side of the beat and rounded right behind Catapult. Anyway, we were gaining on Catapult and were setting up to push past him to steal the lead. Robertissmo was able to slide inside us from well behind as we hit some lighter breeze and he was able to catch 3 big waves. Argo finished in 3rd, Catapult got the win and Robertissmo 2nd.

Next race stared rough with a huge left shift catching us off guard on the hard right. We rounded in DFL but quickly started picking through the fleet as they crashed around us. We stayed fighting and picked off the Russkies right at the finish to get a 7th.

Next race was more of the same conditions, we managed to sail well again and get a 4th keeping us in 2nd over all for the day. The day had lots of carnage, some ran out of spinnakers and were forced to finish under jib alone, while some had to retire completely. Catapult managed to snap off yet another rudder (4th in less than 2 years) before the finish of race 2 basically taking the good feeling of winning race one right out of the teams minds. Robertissmo sailed a great day and lead the event.

Today looks like yesterday-windy…. except I see the sun.

Petey Out

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