Out of the Gates

Many of our recent events have started out quite rough for us and it has forced us to work that much harder to dig out of the hole we have created for ourselves. We added it to the work list and set out today to buck that trend. The forecast was light as we motored out with the fleet in huge lump to find the spot the RC was to choose for race 1. We decided to be the first to raise the sails and see what was happening and to find our modes to deal with the less than ideal conditions. I think Cam even mentioned “ if we end this day in first due to sailing around in these conditions sooner than everyone, we will be laughing.”  Well, it must have worked because we led race one from start to finish. It was nice to get that monkey off our backs.
Race 2 started off not so great but we were able to get a great lane with fresh air and were literally looking great, with most of the fleet on our windward hip we were gaining on the pin and looking at a second place rounding, then Robertissima hit us hard. We rounded in 4th but got held out at the offset and couldn’t gybe right away, losing a handful of boats by the bottom, a nice second beat picked off a few of them and we finished in 8th.

Race 3 never happened as the breeze faded and we were sent in. Cam, The probies, Anthony and I decided to go for a cruise in the hour and change we had before our meeting, and honestly I was thinking this island was a dump. As we set out we started to see some amazing beaches and decided we needed to see more. Well, we got a bit too far into it before we realized we could never make it back to the hotel for the meeting. We called in, and at that point decided we should keep going to make it to the other side where dinner was planned. Wow this is a big island; it was like a 3-hour drive around some of the windiest roads ever. I think the rubber on the tires had to be at maximum rating for heat as we were pushing them hard taking every turn like it was our last (some of them almost were). We survived, saw some incredibly beautiful scenery, and all decided this island is quite beautiful. We arrived about 30 minutes late to dinner, and were looking for parking when we got our van squeezed into a tight situation where apparently you aren’t supposed to drive cars, and we were met with plenty of stares, head shakes and a classic Italian profane gesture. We all laughed probably harder than we have in a while backed all the way back out, past all of those stares and headshaking Italians, found a proper parking spot and made it to the restaurant, to our team of staring, headshaking Americans.

Day 2 on the card next. We are sitting in 2nd, with yet another light freaky day ahead of us.

Results here

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