2 Man Tank Commanders

Audi Event #3 Portoferraio has officially begun although by the looks of the forecast we might be waiting to actually get racing. Light freaky winds are all we have seen for the 3 days of training, and unfortunately it looks like that’s the trend here.

It has been awhile since our last blog post and now we have a new team and a new look on the site. Gone are Lil’ Chuckie and the Dude, and in are the 2 probies. Eric and Wesley, er Rusty, I mean Westley…well truth is we really don’t know his name and sometimes we don’t even know he is there. We have poached them both from other teams – Eric from the now defunct Bronco, and Rusty who spent some time on the Samba. Both are welcome additions and are learning the ropes so to speak. I think Wesley helps me take down the spinnaker, and is really good at untying knots, and I’m not sure what Eric does. They both will however probably be the 2 man tank commanders as seen here in this picture if the predicted forecast pans out. All jokes aside, these guys both bring a lot to the table and we are stoked to have them and we are working on getting them some green army helmets and a fresh Argo kit.

There are 19 teams registered, and 3 US teams here with us. We are all moored on the edge of a busy road and are all hoping to survive an imminent run in with some cig smoking scooter ripping by us weaving in and out of smart cars. We are set for an 8:30 am dock call, and we are hoping we can get out on the water and get to some racing.

Not sure were you can go for results yet, but I know you can check back here for a recap from day 1’s action. Also follow us on The Facebook and the Twitter @Argo32Racing.

Petey Out

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